Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tooth Tissues

We, Drs. Grace and Jon, are the dentists behind Tooth Tissues - disposable dental wipes for baby and toddler smiles. We created them when our daughter would fall asleep with her bottle of milk - much to our horror as two dentists! We found out first hand that complying with "the rules" we were giving to new parents was not always so easy. You can read more about our story and product at http://www.toothtissues.com/

We decided to create a blog to bring first bring some attention to infant oral health. Inspired by our own experience as parents, and the numerous recent articles on the rise of dental decay in children, we want to get out the message that baby oral health is important. After feedings, baby teeth and gums should be wiped to remove plaque that causes tooth decay. Often in parenting classes, oral health is overlooked or easily forgotten in the overwheming material given to expectant parents.

We do get that dentistry is not exactly interesting for everyone, but we'll try to keep you informed and somewhat entertained along the way.

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Lillian said...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating tooth tissues. Even though my daughter is 17 it really helped her while she was recovering from an accident that left her unable to open her mouth wide enough to fit a toothbrush. she was very excited to have a clean mouth while recovering.